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Appraisal Associates and Consultants is a leading company in Serbia and the region specializing in property management and real estate valuation, offering a full-service management to investors, banks, funds, property-owners and lessees. Our team consists of skilled professionals with knowledge and extensive experience in real estate.

Appraisal Associates and Consultants provide an overall analysis and strategic approach in the process of property management. Regardless of whether it is a renovation, restructuring or asset allocation, AAC offers a full-service management, from the administrative process through the financial structuring all the way to the construction works.

Undoubtedly, one of the most essential services we provide is a real estate valuation. However, we are not only limited to valuation, but we also introduce a unique product to the market such as monitoring of goods in inventories supported by the financial statements and a priority order of creditors, which makes AAC an indispensable partner.

What makes AAC different and unique in comparison to others is a systematic approach to each client while providing a full consultancy services in the process of finding the best solution for their property. Our team is always ready to meet the challenges both in the domestic and international market. Knowledge and experience, as well as developed contractor network represent a key to our success and ensure the success of any project we are responsible of.